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Ithaca College Holocaust Survivor Lecture


Steven Hess, survivor and Holocaust educator will tell his personal story of survival: "My twin sister Marion and I were born in Amsterdam, Holland on January 14, 1938. My parents, Ilse and Karl, fled Germany two years earlier believing that Holland would provide a safe haven. With the invasion by the Nazis in May 1940, hope for a neutral Holland was shattered. In mid-1943, my family was taken to Westerbork, the Dutch transit camp that served as a gateway to Auschwitz, Sobibor, Theresienstadt and Bergen Belsen. The following February we were sent to Bergen Belsen where conditions were so horrific that by the end of the year, nearly 15,000 Jews died each month from starvation, disease, neglect and maltreatment. My sister and I, then seven years old, were an exception; hardly any young children managed to stay alive."

Thursday, April 12 6-8:30, Ithaca College, Textor 102

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Time and Place
April 12, 2018, 6:00 pm
Textor Room 102, Ithaca College Campus