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Keeping Their Stories Alive

Considering Our Artifacts

Considering Our Artifacts: Keeping Their Stories Alive. An Interactive Seminar presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Ithaca Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

Descendants of Holocaust survivors frequently find themselves in possession of priceless artifacts connected to World War II and The Shoah. Ithaca families are no exception. Join us for an interactive seminar with Judy Cohen, Chief Acquisitions Officer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, and learn about the process of donating artifacts to their archives. Part I: The Donation Process (3-4pm) Learn about the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the archives they keep. Judy will explore the process of donating artifacts, and answer general questions. Part II: Show & Tell (4-5pm) Local area attendees with artifacts to share (correspondence, photographs, clothing, art, medals or regalia, etc.) are welcome to reserve a public "Show & Tell" spot. Judy will view materials and hear the connected family histories, and answer specific questions about the donation process.

Event Info and "Show & Tell" Reservations: --

No reservation is required for the seminar, but if you have family artifacts that you'd like Judy to take a look at, please click here to reserve a "Show & Tell" spot:

Time and Place
March 24, 2019, 3:00 pm
The Cherry Artspace, 102 Cherry St, Ithaca, NY 14850