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Bob Dylan Revisited: What a Song Can Be

Dylan Mural in Minneapolis

Bob Dylan (né Robert Zimmerman, from Duluth & Hibbing, Minnesota) has been absorbing influences from uncounted musical and literary sources since he was a teenager, and has in turn influenced over a half-century of songwriters that followed him, as well as the society and culture of his time. We’ll listen to some songs that we know from Dylan’s own singing or from others’, consider some of the sources of his lyrics and music and some of the impact he’s had on others’  music, and hear how this iconic American troubadour expanded the boundaries of what a song can say, and mean.

Robert Cohen

Robert L. Cohen, presenter, is a folk and Jewish music historian who has spread the love and knowledge of music through his radio broadcasts, interviews, lectures and CD compilations. Using his deep knowledge, he builds bridges of understanding. Find out more at rlcwordsand

The event is co-sponsored by the Temple Beth-El Arts Committee and the Cornell Jewish Studies Program

Time and Place
October 30, 2019, 7:00 pm
Temple Beth El 402 N. Tioga St, Ithaca NY 14850, in the social hall
Free and open to the public. Please enter at top of ramp on Tioga St