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Enough to Go: An Old-New Play

Enough to Go

What will happen to the last decaying tenement building on a once-vibrant New York City block? Where will the Super, the old Super, and the last few residents go? Why are there Jaffa oranges falling out of the cabinets? And has anyone checked on that faulty fuse in the basement?
"Enough to Go," a play by Fred Peretz Cohn, is a modern homage to a generation juggling the hopes and fears of retirement, the promise of better times, and the loss of what one leaves behind.

"Though not autobiographical, Enough to Go is deeply rooted in my lifelong exposure to, and appreciation of Jewish humor, family, and culture. I am deeply grateful to Jonathan Boyarin, David Winitsky, the actors and staff who have made this production possible," say Cohn.

The plays is directed by David Winitsky, Cornell Class of 1994, and stars Ithaca locals, Eric Brooks (Irving Cohen), Marjorie Hoffman (Rose Cohen), Lenny Rosenfield (Herb), Jonathan Boyarin (Glotsky), and Rachel Lampert (Electrician).
This event is open to the public and tickets are not required. We do ask that you reserve your seat here:

Time and Place
December 11, 2019, 7:00 pm
Barnes Hall, 120 Ho Plaza on the Cornell Campus
Please register in advance for free seating (see above)