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Forbidden Songs: Lost Music and Film of Midcentury Poland Day 2

Forbidden Songs

The American premiere of Roman Palester’s music is a major event for both concert audiences and scholars. Palester’s blend of neoclassical energy with a lyrical sensibility made him among the most distinctive composers of twentieth-century Poland. But his music was long banned there and has been almost completely forgotten.

Members of Cornell’s new music group, Ensemble X, will lead the premieres, including pianist Xak Bjerken, soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon, and violinists David Colwell and Susan Waterbury. “It’s very attractive music,” observes Waterbury, Professor of Violin at Ithaca College; “it’s playful yet soulful.”

Cosponsored by the Cornell Council for the Arts; the Society for the Humanities at Cornell; the Cornell Institute for European Studies, the Council for European Studies; the Jewish Studies Program and the departments of Romance Studies and Music at Cornell.


Mackenzie Pierce (jmp474 - at -
PhD Candidate, Musicology
Cornell University

Time and Place
March 18, 2018, 3:00 pm
Barnes Hall on the Cornell campus
At 2:30, a preconcert lecture/discussion will explore the fascinating story of Palester’s life and music.