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Roitman Chabad Center

Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell

The Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell is a direct beneficiary of funding from the IAUJC. As such, within our larger program aimed toward the Jewish student population at Cornell, Chabad has a variety of programs for the wider Ithaca Jewish community. They include Torah classes, both taught at Chabad and also at various locations around Ithaca. Chabad is also active with both childrens programs and programs for senior citizens around the Jewish holidays - dropping off menorahs, or reading the Megillah or supplying matzah and wine for Passover needs. Childrens programs may include shofar making workshops or menorah craft workshops or other creative programs with Jewish content for young minds.
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Or contact the directors of Chabad, Rabbi Eli Silberstein ( or Chana Silberstein ( for more information.

Home Depot Menorah Making

Menorah Lighting on Cornell Campus