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Tikkun V'Or Purim Comedy and Music Night

Join us at Tikkun v'Or for Purim Comedy and Music Night
Friday  March 2

During this time of year, when the days are getting longer but winter seems to be dragging on, what a gift to take an evening to simply be together and laugh. Our Purim celebration allows for us to indulge in lighthearted fun that helps to deepen our community bonds to fortify until Spring arrives. If you have not been before, think cabaret atmosphere complete with bar serving grown-up and kid-friendly drinks, potluck dinner consisting (almost) entirely of triangular foods, candlelit tables, and for your entertainment….Jewish comedy, storytelling, skits, and music!
6:15-6:45 pm -- Brief Shabbat/Purim service children’s costume parade
6:45-7:30  p.m.-- potluck dinner
7:30-8:30 p.m. -- Purim Bash!

Given all of this, we need people to perform funny, joyful things for Purim, and you should be one of them!!!! Do some Jewish stand-up, tell a funny story, perform a skit, read something, share a song...content should be amusing and/or lighthearted, and appropriate for audiences of all ages. Contact for more information.


Time and Place
March 2, 2018, 6:15 pm
2550 N Triphammer Rd